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Client: Compassion International - global non-profit with $500 million in annual revenue (sales)
Project: Devise a campaign to make public aware of new advocacy Web site. Client gave us a list of statistics about poverty and wanted a marketing campaign to promote the Web site where these statistics would be listed but also a place where the customer could get engaged in activities that would promote advocacy for children.
Concept: You Can: Statistics can be overwhelming. They're clunky and most people just gloss over them. Unfortunately when they do this they also make the people behind those statistics invisible.Our team wanted to come up with a campaign that made people aware of the sobering statistics about poverty that affect children but also empower them to take action. We wanted them not to be overwhelmed but to bring the statistic down to the level of one person doing one thing to make a difference. We created short online videos, magazine ads and online ads around this concept of You Can. Here are some examples:

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