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We can tell you how good we are all day long. But that's rude. And just a tad bit narcissistic. So we'll let others speak for us.

"Ovetta is an incredible editor and writer. Her advice and expertise is priceless, and I have seen my writing improve under her leadership!” August 23, 2007. Brandy Campbell, Feature Writing Specialist, Compassion International

“We actually worked together for the same non-profit ... and Ovetta provided outstanding leadeship and creative talent. She is a blessing to work with!!!"  Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert  - September 9, 2007. Larry Yonker, Owner, The Elevation Group

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More Praise

“Ovetta's talents as a writer are extraordinary. She's creative, concise and gets to the heart of the issue -- whether it's in a feature story, ad, direct mail piece, brochure or other media venue.” November 28, 2008

Pam Franklin , Senior Account Executive , Compassion International

“Ovetta worked for me at Compassion International managing our internal agency writing and editorial staff. She is a strategic thinker who is able to effectively translate marketing/communication strategy into copy that works. Ovetta did an outstanding job writing the copy platforms for our global brand handbook. I can recommend Ovetta and her work without reservation.” November 17, 2008

Chuck McGinty , Agency Director , Compassion International

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